An eye for detail shapes IC Collection’s iconic style


Antonio Funicella

Designer Connie Kye demonstrates some of her fashions.

Antonio Funicella, Staff Writer

DALLAS – IC Collection is a brand defined by the vision of its founder, Connie Kye, who moved from South Korea to Los Angeles, where her fine eye for detail came to shape IC Collection’s iconic visual style.

IC Collection is a family-owned business. Kye runs it with her two sons.

“It’s a good team,” Kye said.

While one of her sons, Bryan, oversees the business side of IC Collection almost completely, Kye continues to take a leading role in the design side of the business. She has three designers working for her, one of whom has been working with her for almost 10 years. Another designer worked with her for almost 13 years until she moved back home to South Korea.

IC Collection mostly sells to specialty stores across the country, with the one major exception being Dillard’s.

Kye says her style is not easy to sew, but she said she has been able to work with the same sewing company in Los Angeles for many years. This company really understands her style, she said.

Kye said she believes that the fabric is a key factor to the value of IC Collection. She acknowledges it is possible to find cheaper clothing, but she said customers end up paying the price in terms of fabric quality. She said she would rather produce a higher quality fabric than a cheaper fabric that is easier to mass produce.

IC Collection stands out because of Kye’s unique, detail-rich patterns and clothing. Her clothing features unique and ornate fabric, large decorative buttons and little flourishes that add to the uniqueness of the designs. She even includes extra buttons so customers can match the buttons to the rest of their outfit.