Mesquite antique mall attracts young and old in pursuit of unique pieces


Ward Sakeik

Antique Gallery of Mesquite Manager Bambie Fisher said the mall attracts young and old in pursuit of unique items. Still from a Ward Sakeik video.

Ward Sakeik, Staff Writer

MESQUITE, Texas—Bambie Fisher has been the manager at her brother’s Antique Shop Gallery for 14 years and runs six locations in Texas. One hundred eighty-eight dealers are present at the Mesquite location, showcasing a variety of items to display at the shop.

“It is 36,800 square feet of collectible, vintage retro antiques,” Fisher, a Forney, Texas, resident, said.

Rows of colorful items fill up the Antique Gallery store all year long. Visitors can expect a vast selection of jewelry, furniture, clothing and more.

“There’s new merchandise as well as old,” Combine, Texas, resident Donna Helal said. “There’s some pretty cool stuff in here.”

Helal said she has been shopping at the store for 40 years because she likes unusual things. She said she visits at least once or twice a month to shop.

“When I have a gift to get for somebody, this is where I shop,” Helal said.

A variety of vendors sell at the store, specializing in things like watches, knives, license plates and coins. Others hand-make items from scratch.

“Not only are there antiques, there’s also people in here that have things they built from their hands,” Helal said.

Helal added that historical items could be instructional for kids because of the time they were introduced to the world.

“It’s very educational to bring your children in here to show them some things and ask them what it is,” Helal said. “They wouldn’t know, but it’s kinda neat and all to involve all the things we’ve had in the past.”

Customers and dealers alike represent a wide range of age and gender. Fisher said people like antiques because they are drawn to one-of-a-kind pieces. Fisher said her youngest dealer is 18, and the oldest is 95.

“We [also] have a wide variety of customers,” Fisher said.

After retiring from her job in 1979, Garland resident Sandra Martin needed something to do, so she started going antique shopping. Martin has been a dealer at the shop since 1979 and started working there in 2021.

“I liked antiques, but I never did have a lot till then,” Martin said.

Martin she has been bringing different types of antiques to sell for over 40 years because she has accumulated more than she knows what to do with.

“I have all kinds of jewelry, figurines, all kinds of glassware, furniture and just all kinds of stuff,” Martin said. “I love it.”

Fisher said the majority of customers want unique pieces they can display in their homes.

Antiques on display at the Antique Gallery of Mesquite.
Items for sale at the Antique Gallery of Mesquite. Still from a video by Ward Sakeik. (Ward Sakeik)

“They want something that’s gonna last and be an individual,” Fisher said.

Shoppers and vendors said they cherish antique items because they carry lots of meaning and value for them.

“You’re supporting older people that are living a passion and still working,” Fisher said. “You’re not buying new, you’re buying old, and you’re helping the environment because this stuff will be recycled.”