Irving City Council turns down single-family housing request

Raymond Pierucci, Staff Writer

IRVING, Texas—The Irving City Council earlier this year denied a request by Guido DFW Estate Investments to build single-family homes.

The council unanimously voted to deny the request for the company to build four single-family homes on vacant land in Irving. The motion was denied by the city council because the property was not zoned as residential land. The property is located between two commercial business operations.

Councilman Allan Meagher was the member who motioned for the request to be denied. He said the main reason for the denial was because the land would not be a good fit for people to live in between two commercial businesses.

“I take into [account] the quality of life of future residents in the city,” he said. “If he had planned on living there himself, I would have approved of it because it is his land, he can do what he wants with it.”

The representative for Guido DFW Estate Investments declined to comment, but some council members expressed sympathy for the idea of expanding the city’s housing stock.

“We are always in need of single-family housing,” councilman Al Zapanta said during the proceedings.

When asked if the city is addressing the need for single-family housing, Meagher said that there are current projects in place to build single-family housing and that there are real estate developers constantly seeking approval to build the homes in Irving.

According to city documents, there are three single-family home projects that were recently completed. The project names are The Delaware at Heritage Crossing, Housing Channel and Operation Finally Home Phase 1. There are four projects that are currently under contract or in construction.

There are currently 22 single family housing developments in the city of Irving. Of the 22 developments, 16 are located along State Highway 161. The 22 developments have provided 2,050 units of residency with each development providing an average of approximately 93 units for single families.